I am Avé with Purple Hibiscus (pronounced AhVay as in my namesake, Avé Maria). For those of you who don’t yet know me, I am an unabashed omnivore with a great passion for all things food and flavas (flavours).  A passion, I might add, that fuels the most delicious foodie adventures.

To answer your questions vis-à-vis my whereabouts 🙂 , well, after years of living away, I have found my way back home, to my #hometowns Brampton and Toronto.  As I navigate some major life shifts, I have literally been eating and drinking my way through the various neighbourhoods, districts, zones, in and around Toronto; getting a feel for where Purple Hibiscus could call home; savoring some serious #deliciousness!  It’s so great to be home.

Growing up in Brampton and Toronto in the 70s and 80s prepared me to travel the world, by trains, planes, automobiles and sailboats (yes I sailed around Cape Horn). While I left my Canadian borders knowing how to at least say “Thank You” and “Good Day” in several languages;  I also left with a growing love and palate for a diversity of authentic crazy-delicious foods, thanks to my friends’ grandmas, lolas, nonas, avos, nanis, dadis, waipos.…

Cooking in Winnipeg, and being part of such a deliciously vibrant culinary scene, that continues to be driven by so much talent (especially the haCHere Collective), has prepared me for everything that comes next. Stay tuned!

Ali’s Doubles, my heritage
Doubles are the quintessential (#vegan) Street Food of Trinidad & Tobago.  There’s Doubles, and then there’s Ali’s Doubles. My grandparents and their siblings created this culinary masterpiece.  Unless you find yourself on the Islands of Trinidad & Tobago, the only other place on the planet to savor an original Ali’s Doubles is out of my kitchen. It is an honour to serve you my grandparents’ original recipes.

En brève:

  • Née St Julien Village, Princes Town, Trinidad & Tobago, a very long time ago 🙂
  • Went to High Schools in Mississauga and Brampton
  • U of T grad
  • Retired Air Canada Flight Attendant (Wardair, Canadian Airlines)

Cooking is my way of taking you to some of my favourite places on the planet, especially from Trinidad & Tobago all the way Up d’Islands,
one flava at a time.

At your service, catering your Events, Chef on Site, Pop Ups