Welcome to Purple Hibiscus …. a Caribbean dining experience that takes you to d’Islands’, one flava at a time….

Savor the quintessential street food of Trinidad & Tobago – the famous Ali’s Doubles – this culinary masterpiece is the creation (1936 Princes Town) of Ave’s grandparents and their siblings.  Doubles was born on the streets of Trinidad & Tobago and to this day it remains the favourite Street Food of anyone who has ever had one. Incidentally the name “Doubles” did not come into existence until circa 1959.

The menu theme of Purple Hibiscus is Caribbean. Our traditional and fusion dishes pays homage to the very nature of “the Caribbean” – its Culture, People, History. Our flavas are a fusion of flavours unmatched anywhere in the world.  A fusion that comes from the meeting of the East and the West, when the world was still “flat”, and the delicious culinary evolution of that meeting (Carib, Arawak, East Indian, African, Chinese, “Eurpoean”) .

According to Ave, she “likes to think of it as the next best thing to you coming into my home in the Caribbean, and me cooking you up a little something from my kitchen.  I love bringing to the plate my favourite flavas from Trinidad all the way up to Puerto Rico”.

Come to d’Islands…one flava at a time

We were located in Winnipeg’s French Quarter, beautiful St. Boniface;  unfortunately, we had to close our doors at this location.  Since then we continue to bring you our flavas  through pop ups, caterings, various events.  Thank you for continuing on this delicious culinary adventure with us.   Ave